Muse: Catherine Grace

Meet Catherine Grace, Model of our Brooklyn Fall Shoot

I first met Catherine when we were working together at a NYC fashion house. She was the PR girl and I was the Director of Retail & eCommerce. We worked in the same room and she was always willing to collaborate and work with me to better the business. When we were working together I remember asking her if she ever modeled. She said no, not really… And I told her about Frockify and that I would love for her to model for me once I got it up and running. Well, here we are, just a few months later. Catherine is an awesome person, and just so happens to be an awesome model too. Here is a little more about who she is:

What is your full name?

Catherine Grace Edwards

How old are you?


What is your hometown?


Where do you live now?

Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

What’s your occupation?

Fashion PR

What is your favorite place to eat in Brooklyn?

Beast of Bourbon (especially on disco funk nights)

What is your favorite place to drink in Brooklyn?

Project Parlor -- not to mention they have a pretty sick photo booth! 

What are three essential items for your wardrobe?

Essentials switch out depending on the season-- for Fall my wardrobe must haves are my light dusters, loose plaid button down and black straight skirt with double slits (makes it easy to knot when I want the asymmetrical look!) -- always dark colors and neutrals for me!

What are your plans for the rest of fashion week?

NYFW, I'll be working, working, working! Emmy's Fitting with Rocsi Diaz tonight, Cynthia Rowley's presentation Wednesday, Jason Derulo's birthday party at 1OAK later that night, and then I'm taking it by ear until Sunday, which is Emmy's night and JS Group is throwing a cocktail party to celebrate the opening of Spring 2016 Market and Coterie.

Who is your idol and why?

There are too many to count! Probably top of the list is my mama, who's been a rebel through out her life, never living by the rules that were set out for her and consistently breaking boundaries of what was considered the norm. 


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